Do Websites Still Matter Even in 2017?

Nowadays, websites are about as popular as your favorite TV show. Only a small number of the general population have no idea or have not heard of websites.

Despite this, however, quite a lot of Filipinos still do not understand how valuable a website is, especially for Philippine businesses. Both virtual and brick-and-mortar shops/offices need to establish an online presence through a website.

It is important to keep in mind that people spend a lot of time online nowadays. Whether it is for research or information gathering, for connecting with friends, colleagues, and families, or for checking out the newest products and services, the World Wide Web is number one on the list of sources for thousands (and even millions) of consumers.

A consumer planning to watch the latest blockbuster simply has to go online and check the cinema’s website to get the screening schedule and purchase tickets. Another consumer can pre-register for an event—like a fun run or marathon—by going to the organizer’s website. And another consumer can purchase a gadget by going to his favorite online shop to place his order and payment.

This is one of the many conveniences a website offers businesses and consumers.

But, of course, there’s more . . .


Reasons Why a Professionally-Made Website Is Relevant for Business in 2017

  1. A website is more affordable than traditional forms of advertising.

In the past, businesses had only three options for advertising their products and services: on television, on radio, and on print (newspapers and magazines). These media are still available today, but websites are now the more practical alternative, especially for small and medium enterprises. Having a website is way cheaper than coming out with radio, TV, and print ads every week.

And since there are not too many people who listen to the radio or read newspapers nowadays, investing in traditional media can mean more expenses in the long run.
Websites can reach even the farthest places on Earth. In addition to this, there is no size or space limit. You can post all the information you want to without anybody reprimanding you for going way over the limit.


  1. Websites are online all the time, every day of the week.
A website developer can help maintain your site.
A website developer can help maintain your site.


Unlike radio and TV stations, websites are online and can be accessed 24/7. There are no sign-ons and sign-offs. The only time a website is unavailable is when it is under maintenance. But this does not happen every day. Website maintenance is usually scheduled and you are informed about this ahead of time.

It’s true that websites need to be worked on to bring in as many visitors as possible, but there’s no need to stress about this because you can always hire a good website developer and SEO specialist who can help maintain your site.


  1. Websites are useful for product branding.

Philippine businesses, whether SMEs, startups, or already established, know the importance of branding. This is the major reason for putting up a website.

With a website, people will be able to easily identify your brand. Since it will be exposed online, it will also be easy to find and remember. Today’s consumers are more inclined to research information about a product via its website rather than gather details from traditional media. They are quite picky and prefer products or companies with a strong online presence, or those with professional-looking websites.


  1. Websites can also serve as your online store.

The beauty of having a website is that you can also use it as your digital storefront. As such, consumers will now have an easier and more convenient way of getting the product they want.

On your part, this is a big advantage because your products will now have a wider reach. This means you can gain potential customers from various parts of the country, and even from different places in the world.

More reach means more sales. And more sales mean success for the company.


  1. Websites are good tools of communication and sharing.

Your website, aside from being a digital storefront and showcase of your products, can also be a tool for reaching out to targeted consumers. You can use it to communicate with and share information to customers, potential clients, and even to the curious visitors.

Best of all, websites allow you to create a strong and healthy relationship with consumers.