Is Social Media a Good Fit for My Brand?

Is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the other popular social networks really the best avenue to focus your entire marketing budget on? If you’re a small business owner, is it practical to spend money on social media to boost brand awareness?

The short and honest answer is . . . it depends. It might not be the response you want to hear, but it really does depend on a couple of factors. Namely, your brand or the type of business you’re in and the goals you wish to achieve.

Here’s the thing.

Social media is a tool used by businesses to forward specific objectives. Now, it may not be the primary purpose for why social media exists, but that’s how entrepreneurs view the media, whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram.

Social media is a tool you can use to realize your marketing goals.
Social media is a tool you can use to realize your marketing goals.


But social media is not a deus ex machina which will make all your online marketing problems and shortcomings go away. As I’ve said, social media is just a tool that you can use to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

With that said, if you want to know if social media is the right fit for your brand, you need to identify your business and target audience.

Because here’s the thing:

The question is not whether or not social media is right for your business, but rather which social network fits perfectly with your brand. There are lots of social networks out there, catering to different demographics. Once you understand that, your next move is to identify the different social networks available and find the right fit for your brand.


The Most Popular Social Networking Sites Based on the Number of Active Users

According to Digital Insights’ data, the top six most popular social networks right now, based on the number of active users are as follows:

  • Facebook with over 1.2 billion users
  • Google+ with more than 500 million
  • Twitter with a little over 250 million
  • Instagram with around 200 million
  • LinkedIn with almost 190 million users
  • Pinterest with around 40 million

Based on the data, you could say that Facebook is probably the best social network to invest in, if you want to reach the most number of users. But again, it all depends on the market your business is aimed at.

So does size matter when deciding which social network to join?

The answer is both yes and no. the more important thing to consider, besides the sheer volume of users, is the type of users that frequent a specific network. Are those the type of people that would want your product or service?

To get a better grasp of the subject, here are a few crucial details you need to know about the different popular social networks available today:


Arguably, this is the best social network to join if you want to maximize brand awareness. It has the most number of active users and is very popular among adult users within the 18 to 29 age range. It is also quite a popular social platform among women.

All-in-all, Facebook could be a great social network for promoting essentially any brand. But given the volume of users using the platform, you need to be prepared for the competition.



This is a great social media marketing tool for businesses that rely heavily on images. If your brand revolves around fashion or gadgets, if you are in the clothing or retail business, if you’re into photography or graphics, this is a great social media platform for promoting your brand.



Pinterest is another social platform that quite popular among women. It’s another great option for brands that use images to attract potential clients or customers. It has a higher percentage of users who are educated and belong to a higher income bracket.

This is an excellent social media platform if you’re trying to reach out to educated women who have some money to spend, especially for brands in the jewelry and clothing industry.



This is a social media platform most popular with men of higher education and belongs to a high-income bracket. Businesses that provide B2B or business-to-business services can really benefit from this social network.

LinkedIn is the ideal choice for sharing business-related content, promoting brands that revolve around B2B solutions, and for connecting with other corporate influencers.