Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence

When you have a business, it is essential to have an active social media profile. Not just on Facebook and Twitter, but on other platforms like Instagram and Google Plus, as these sites also have a robust pool of possible consumers. Social media is also one of the best ways to quickly grow your popularity, as most everyone who has access to the internet has at least one social media account. Businesses in general know the value of social media, which is why it is such a competitive market these days.

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Most digital media companies have social media experts that handle multiple accounts at the same time. These people have their hands full managing these profiles, posting, replying to messages, and other activities that are necessary in order to maintain and also grow their presence. But for a lot of people, especially those who just started creating their social media presence, they don’t really know how to get their engine running. Creating an account is just the first step, and there are certain things that people who want to increase their presence in social media platforms need to know.


Be responsive to your audience


This is something that we cannot emphasize enough. Customers want to feel that their concerns are attended to. They don’t like it when a company doesn’t reply or address their concern whenever they do have one, so it is imperative that you are able to reply to personal and direct messages within a few minutes at the longest. Making the customers wait too long will have a negative impact on your social media standing. You can exponentially expand your presence in social media with good reviews, but your reputation can be just as easily ripped to shreds, and just as quick too.


Give out content that is relevant and valuable

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Even in social media, content is still king. If you have a page and you post updates and business details, people will at least know that you have an account. But if you want people to follow your page, and if you want to attract even more customers, putting out interesting and shareable content is one of the most effective ways to do so. A lot of companies don’t really put out content and simply rely on other marketing methods to gain more customers, and they don’t know what they’re missing by neglecting this aspect of social media marketing.


Humanize yourself


Although customers do appreciate companies who make an effort to cater to their needs, the sentiment is felt a lot less when you make use of artificial intelligence to reply to their concerns. Yes, chatbots are very effective and useful when it comes to catering to all your customers’ concerns. But relying on them 100% is not the way to go either. Companies need to invest in real people to handle this, as chatbots will always lack that human touch that customers subconsciously look for.


Include your social media accounts on your website


Just like how you should link your main website on all your social media pages, your main website should have icons of your main social media accounts as well. A lot of customers actually prefer to communicate with companies via social media, rather than through emails and their website. Doing this will not only increase your reach in the social media arena, but it will also make your business more approachable and accessible to the people who use social media on a daily basis.


Don’t stick to mainstream social media

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We all know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a few others dominate the social media space. This doesn’t mean you can simply ignore the smaller sites. Other, less known social media platforms still have their own pool of possible customers, and these people might be the ones whom you want to know about what you offer.


Make your posts consistent, but don’t spam


One of the more frustrating things for customers that happen on social media is when they thought that they found the right company that they would want to go with, and then find out that the company’s page hasn’t updated in months. This will make customers feel less trusting of that brand, and they just might take their business elsewhere. It is imperative that pages share content and posts at a regular pace. This doesn’t mean that businesses need to post every hour, on the dot. It should be at their own comfortable pace, just often enough that visitors know the page Is active, but not enough to annoy followers.