State of Social Media Videos

Even if you were to be a casual content consumer, you would notice just how much video on social media has boomed. In the past few years, content marketers have done a lot to make sure they create quality videos through social media, and the numbers don’t lie.

The growth in video for the past few years is indeed considerable, with branded video content seeing a 99% rise on YouTube, and over 250% on Facebook. This is for the time between the years 2016 and 2017, and on twitter, videos are over six times likelier to get retweeted as opposed to pictures.

If you haven’t been paying attention to just how much video has been taking over social media, you’ll be in for a shock. You don’t see these kinds of numbers every day, and even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that he saw video as a megatrend.

Now, you could simply give a digital media company like RedLemon Digital Media a call to handle your video content marketing strategy, but if you want to know yourself the method to some of our madness, we’ll lay it down here.


Of course, where else should we start other than the platform where more videos are consumed by online audiences than any other social media? Also, considering how 80% of the marketers who make use of YouTube in their campaigns find it to be effective, it’s something worth talking about.

YouTube also has the largest variety of video lengths you can find out there, from full-length movies to six-second snippets. With such a large range, some marketers would get a bit confused on the proper structure for their content strategy on this platform.

However, the best thing to do would be to remember what’s important. Firstly, know your audience and get personal, as with such a diverse platform, sometimes consumers can get too distracted by what they see and lose focus if you don’t target your content properly.

Another thing to remember would be to keep a consistent schedule, and fully optimize the content you put out in order to rank high. After Google, YouTube is considered to be the biggest search engine, and your video won’t be seen if you don’t rank show up on the first page.


Whenever your average internet consumer thinks of Twitter, video won’t be the first thing that pops into his/her mind. However, as a marketer, you should start doing so. This is because Twitter videos feel more organic due to the environment of the social platform, and it should be something companies leverage for their campaigns.

More organic means people will have a better response to it. People’s posts on Twitter are more personal, and are perceived differently compared to other social media, and even video ads are somehow less intrusive and fit in better with their interests compared to others.

Of all the marketers who make use of Twitter videos, 70% agree that it’s effective. And to think only 40% of marketers even use videos on the platform, it might be best to make use of it while relatively few still do so.

When you create Twitter video content, you should first consider putting in people in the first three seconds. This makes the video more relatable to the viewers. Moreover, you should include a topic in your content as this has a 32% higher chance of being viewed.


Of course, any write-up regarding social media needs to have the one platform with well over two billion active users every month. Every day, over 100 million hours of video content is consumed. And just like YouTube, Facebook has a wide variety of users.

The one thing to keep in mind when creating video content for Facebook is the fact that people go on the platform to be entertained. Also, the platform recently announced how they changed the algorithm concerning video, and they now give more consideration to longer videos.

However, you should still find a creative style that suits your brand the best. Also, remember how Facebook videos play automatically, but have the volume off? For this reason, it would be wise to prioritize the visuals of the video to make sure consumers unmute to listen.

Also, consider putting a pinned video at the top of your page. You can even put in a video playlist, so people who watch one video will be directed to similar content after the one they’re watching is finished. And always, always remember to put in a call to action.