12 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is basically defined as a process of increasing a website’s online visibility in a web search engine’s unpaid results, such as in Google or Yahoo. These results are typically referred to as “organic” results and through this process, the website’s number of backlinks is therefore increased.

Through that definition alone, you can probably now guess the importance of SEO in the world of business. In any type of industry, business owners need to build their online presence, as one channel to promote their brand in order to be successful. And one way to do this is to develop a series of online properties, an example of which is your own brand’s website.

SEO, therefore, is an essential factor when it comes to increasing website traffic and promoting your business. However, aside from this improved visibility, it still has other values to offer when it comes to stepping your brand up a notch. Below are a list of 12 reasons as to why you should put more effort into your SEO.

1. Organic search is still the main cause of website traffic

This is probably the most common reason as to why people consider SEO important. It can’t be denied that in this digital age, more and more people are turning towards search engines to look for things they want to check. Meaning, they could stumble upon your website as well, but only with the right keywords. It is therefore a must that your content contains these basic keywords so as more consumers can be made aware of your brand always.

2. Cheaper than other marketing tools

Perfect for still-growing businesses, SEO can be a perfect choice if you’re looking to save money in promotions. Compared to other marketing tools and strategies, SEO campaigns are relatively cheap, making them a very cost-effective option.

3. Evidence for credibility

As the goal of SEO is to optimize visibility, expand online reach, and making onsite tweaks, an SEO campaign done right can present your audience with a website that’s the digital embodiment of your expertise and—most importantly—your commitment to provide value to consumers. Also making it to the first page of a search engine makes your website to be more likely opened and thought of as an authentic source.

4. Better user experience

If done well, SEO can provide consumers with a better user experience where they can find what they want easily and conveniently with just a few clicks. You can also use this user experience and tailor it to according your specific brand.

5. Can generate traffic with a high conversion rate

One thing that makes the online world a better tool than television and magazine adverts is the fact that you get visits only from those who were searching for a particular service or product in the first place, resulting to a greater conversion rate.

6. Getting ahead of your competition

Even if your business is already doing well, the thought of your brand’s competitors having the edge by utilizing SEO will probably be enough to make you start panicking. Several of your potential customers might be snatched away by your competition if you don’t step up your game in developing your web presence.

7. More benefits and updates over time

As the digital world is constantly growing and changing every day, you can be able to stay ahead from others by monitoring your online resources and the changes in SEO strategies. This helps you to easily adapt to the changing market and quickly make changes so you won’t have to worry about falling behind.

8. Ability to reach people who mostly use mobiles

Another advantage of SEO is your ability to be able to catch the attention of mobile-users, which would otherwise be difficult without this tool. Surfing the internet has become a daily routine for most, if not all, people so it’s not a surprise to discover survey results saying that up to 50% of people use search engines to look for something via their mobile phones. Due to this, you are giving a wider range of potential customers access to your website, which can then result to higher sales.

9. Requires less hands-on strategies

Although social media and email are both effective marketing techniques, SEO is slightly more special as it doesn’t require constant and continual effort from you and your staff. Just make sure you make your pages SEO-optimized and come up with competitive keywords, as once that happens, you can sit back and watch your rankings climb.

10. Can influence the buying circle

As potential customers who go online always do their research, this is a chance for your brand to be able to communicate your message even better with your audience and let them know immediately of any new products and deals.

11. Is a strategy designed to last long-term

SEO is an investment as techniques executed can usually last for a long time. Of course, you’d have to update yourself on SEO best practices to have a huge impact.

12. Increased visits and sales

Make the most out of SEO by optimizing your website for local search if you run a local business nearby. It is quite a known fact that more people now are using the Internet to look for a store’s hours and locations before going for a visit, leading to more awareness and more sales.

There are still so many reasons why SEO is still needed in businesses today and keeping yourself updated with the current trends can be extremely valuable when it comes to developing your online presence and reach more customers. Update your website now and increase your efforts. You can be surprised at the change it can make.