Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design & Development

How much does your website cost?

It depends on the design options you’d like to pursue: a website following simply a template runs for P15,000; with those having a customized design going for P35,000.

How long does it take to build a website?

Just as long as all content files from your (the client) end have been turned over to us, website completion takes only about two weeks for our template package, and at most a month for our customized design package.

Why should we hire RedLemon Digital Media?

Our company is composed of creative individuals who have made your online success their mission. We have an experienced crew of developers, designers, writers, marketers, and technology enthusiasts who know how to use their creative and technical knowledge to bring your visions to reality.

How does the development process work?

  • Research – If you wish to redesign your site, we review its current content and design in order for us to make our recommendations on how we can further improve it. If we are to start a new website however, we start by discussing the subjects and functionalities you wish to fill your site and we present to you an outline of its content.
  • Content Acquisition – We identify the types of content necessary for the website’s creation, and acquire them from you.
  • Organization & Preliminary Design – With the final versions of your content materials on hand, we organize all of them to form the initial website design, complete from Home Page to Contact Us.
  • Revision – After reviewing the initial design, you have the opportunity to request changes.
  • Testing – We run the website through our QA associate for testing and debugging before
  • Live – Once you give your final approval on the website created, we launch it and put it on live. The website can now be accessed via the purchased domain name.

What kind of materials would you need from me?

Please provide all text, photos and graphics in electronic form – in either Word document files, JPEG or PNG image formats etc. As much as possible, any or all materials that talk about your company and what it has to offer would greatly help fill your website with the right information.

What are your payment terms?

For the project to start, a downpayment of 40% of the total amount is required. The remaining 60% of the total will be required then once the project is complete.

Does it come with website hosting service?

Yes! Your website is packaged with a domain name and hosting service, renewable every year.

What domain should/can I choose?

It really depends on how you expect to use it, as in most cases, it makes sense to choose one that contains the name of your business, or describes it in one go. And of course, it’s best if it’s one that’s quite memorable and isn’t confusing.

Do you redesign existing websites?

Of course! We simply need to assess your current content and design in order to

My business isn’t in your city, can you still design a website for me?

Definitely. We’ve had clients from other regions in the country like Cebu and Metro Manila. Conceptualizing and coordination won’t be much of a problem as we can always communicate with you via e-mail, calls and even online conferences. As for your files, we can always have them acquired either via Google Drive or Dropbox.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Our clients’ industries range from the food and beverage sector, to the construction and heavy machinery industry. We welcome organizations from various industries, as long as it is within legal footing.

How will I know if people are visiting my website?

We install a tool, Google Analytics, which helps you identify data and information of visitors to your website. This tool however is exclusively available for our customized design package.

Do you offer responsive designs for websites?

In our tech-based world, we’re getting further and further from desktop-only sites on the web. The number of mobile users increases substantially every year. What kind of experience does your current site provide to someone viewing your site on their iPhone? Responsive web design is not a trend. It’s a bulletproof practice that ensures your site is accessible to everyone – even if they don’t own a traditional computer. (

Will I be able to make changes to my website after it is completed?

Yes of course, as at the end of the project we will tutor you or a staff of yours on how to navigate the back-end of your website where you can modify and add content materials. However, if you wish for our developers to carry out specific changes or add new functionalities, we will have to provide you a quote on such service.

Once my website is complete, what after-sales service is available?

We offer higher-tier hosting and website maintenance, as well as extra security features such as SSL on the domains and even Google MyBusiness e-mail.

Do I have to keep my website with you forever? Say, how can I transfer it to another provider?

No worries, we can easily download your website and either make it available for download from your end or have it ready in CD/DVD format for your convenience. You may forward these files then to your new provider and put it live on their/your hosting service.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. Simply put, it is a web-based tool for you to manage the text, images, and other content within your website. All you need is access to the internet. (

Do you provide training on using the CMS?

Yes! It’s standard for any of our packages to provide training on how to go about the back-end to modify the website’s content, once the website is live.

What platform do you build your websites on?

We build all of our websites on the open-source Content Management System (CMS) platform called WordPress.

Do you outsource your work?

No, all work is done by our team of creative and talented individuals.

Content Development

What can Content Development do for us?

We help you create content that is interesting, informative and induces action from prospects and leads.

What types of content materials can you develop?

Our writing styles include (1) technical writing, (2) creative writing and (3) copywriting. We can provide content for SEO campaigns, product reviews, biographies for online reputation management, website and press releases.

Can we see samples of your work?

To see our complete portfolio or request specific types of collateral, please call (088) 851-1569, or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

How much do you charge?

We offer a fixed rate of P1,250 per 500-word article. This price includes one round of revisions, as well as final proofing.

Will the materials be delivered on time?

Every project comes with it a deadline guarantee – made and determined by realistic availability factors and estimated deadlines based on the requirements, which you will be informed of before pursuing the project. (Add clause about not meeting deadline, negotiable with Marketing & Sales).

Who owns the materials once you write it?

Once you pay for a project, you as the client own the rights to work created, and may use it however you like. We as RedLemon would simply wish to be able to mention you as a client we’ve served.

Who develops the content?

We have a team of professionally qualified subject matter experts who develop the content according to the guidelines provided for and requested by the clients.

What subject matters do you cover?

We have worked on the following list of subject items, but are not merely limited by it.

  • architecture
  • pets
  • real estate
  • scuba gear
  • vehicles
  • HVACs
  • video scripts
  • action figures
  • health products
  • heavy machinery
  • construction and development
  • livestock feed
  • photography equipment
  • e-mail templates
  • storage and removals services
  • health articles (health conditions, supplements, regimens, diet programs, supportive care, etc)
  • food (pizza, chocolates, gelato etc)
  • apparel (wedding gowns, shirts, lingerie, etc)
  • outsourcing contractors (manpower, equipment, fabrication, etc)
  • lodging establishments (hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc)
  • travelling guides (what to bring, where to go, tourist spots, etc)
  • industrial equipment (gaskets, digital meters, analyzers, etc)
  • camping equipment (hammocks, tents, repellents, etc)
  • party equipment (platters, sound systems, etc)
  • computer software (apps, server software, etc)
  • points-of-sales (POS) systems
  • gadgets (e-book readers, smartphones, etc)
  • events of socio-civic organizations (tree-planting drives, livelihood programs, etc)
  • news about events and promos hosted by brick-and-mortar establishments

Who owns the materials once you write it?

Once you pay for a project, you as the client own the rights to work created, and may use it however you like. We as RedLemon would simply wish to be able to mention you as a client we’ve served.

Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing involves making use of social media tools, such as social networks, communities, and blogs that will help promote the company’s brand to social media users, and support its overall marketing strategy.

What’s the difference between management and advertising?

Social Media Management involves the daily posting and management of your social media channels, as well as setting them up to contain correct and updated information. It also involves attending to your customers’ inquiry on the page, and mainly caters to people who already follow your brand.

Now if you wish to attract new markets and gain a wider reach, Social Media Advertising is the way to increase awareness further by using various advertising tools through Facebook and Instagram. Through advertising, we can specify target audiences fit for your brand and take care of executing the ads themselves – from the copy to the graphics.

Why is social media important?

By nature, humans are social creatures who seek individuality among a larger community. Social media paves a way for this dynamic to thrive, by allowing everyone’s knowledge to be collaborated and shared instantaneously. Since everyone wants to be a part of a larger community, it is important for businesses to tap into this conditioning and reach more people.

Will this work for my type of business?

With Filipinos online on social media for more than 5hrs a day, approximately, then definitely yes! No matter the type of business, our strategy lies in understanding the ins and outs of your business, target the right audience and feed them the right kind of content material to turn them into loyal customers and followers.

How much does it cost?

Our Social Media Management package starts at P20,000 per month, whereas Social Media Advertising ranges from P30,000 to P38,000 depending on the advertising days you’d like to avail.

What social media platforms do you work with?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more! It all depends on whether the channel is necessary for your brand’s social media success.

Can you increase my brand’s awareness?

Definitely, and its best achieved through our Social Media Advertising service as it will gain your more followers and wider reach.

How long are your contracts?

Our standard contract is 6 months long, so we can fully gauge your brand’s performance and its success on social media.

How do we get started?

Our process is quite simple. We start off with identifying your goals and brand positioning through our standard Campaign Brief. Simultaneously, we would need for you to provide us all graphic materials about your company, services and products.

Once the brief has been accomplished and the materials acquired, our social media specialists and marketing team brainstorm a social media calendar for you for either management or advertising, as well as identify relevant topics and content that can be shared on your channels. We can even arrange a bi-weekly or monthly set of posts for your approval.

Once you approve of our plan, we move forward with execution. Reports will then be provided to you monthly, recapping the previous month’s performance and giving recommendations.

What will you post?

Our content material is based on your target audience and the unique selling points of your business. These material will either inform or engage your targeted audience about matters relating to your brand and its products/services.

How many times will you post?

Our Social Media Management service can make up to 2-3 posts, and they are made daily, on each of the platforms you’ve decided to pursue.

Can you setup my social media accounts for me?

Yes of course, it’s part of our package should your brand not yet have them ready.

Why hire you instead of hiring an in-house social media specialist?

The main benefit is experience and time. By focusing specifically on social media, we have the ability to stay up-to-date on current trends and changes in the platforms, and know all of the ins and outs of the various intricacies of social media. We leave you to focus on other aspects of the business while we cater to making sure your presence on social media is effective.

Do you send reports?

Yes, our reports include monthly overviews; different platform insights and analysis; screenshots of Facebook ads executed along with results; screenshots of top performing posts; and recommendations on the next stages of the campaign.

Software Development

What methods do you use to gather and understand my software requirements?

We go for the simplest yet effective ways to gather data – through face-to-face meetings, site visits and interviews with highly-involved staff or personnel in your business’ operation that will be regulated later on via custom software. This way, communication is clear and information is transparent.

What kinds of custom software have you developed in the past?

We’ve developed a number of systems for various kinds of businesses: Inventory System, Webinar System, Point-of-Sales System (POS), Student Information System, Customer Relations Management System, Event Registration System, Scoring & Tabulation System, Accounting-Finance System, Payroll System, Job Order Management System, Patient Database for Doctors and many more.

What are your payment terms?

We invoice on monthly basis and payment is due on invoicing.

How much does developing a software cost?

Rates actually vary depending on the scope of the software to be developed, the time needed to complete the project and any additional hardware required to have the software fully up and running. With our projects, usually rates start at around P30,000 for software development (excluding monthly hosting of the software on our servers). (Make it per-quote basis then.)

How do you manage our project?

Our project management style involves the use of Teamwork in tracking the progress of the software being developed.

How can my business benefit from custom software?

Having custom software increases efficiency by taking over routine activities from individuals. It reduces the risk of errors by removing human involvement those kind of manual tasks, thus cutting costs in office materials by eliminating unneeded paperwork and manual administration. Above all as well, it provides up-to-date information on your business having automated business processes.

What software technologies do your developers use?

Our software developers employ a number of tools depending on the needs of the client. Our software are web applications that should run on most commonly used browsers. But in total, the development tools and frameworks our developers use are:

  • Laravel/PHP
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • VueJS
  • AngularJS
  • Git
  • Sentry
  • Greensock
  • Composer
  • Webpack
  • WordPress CMS
  • Ionic
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

What happens if things don’t go so well?

Communication and transparency are our top priorities when it comes to software development projects so such scenarios are avoided. Our marketing and software team will be hard at work not only making sure deadlines are met but that client relationships are well taken care of. Clients are looped in weekly or bi-weekly (depending on your preference) through the various stages of progress so you know what is happening. Should you still not be satisfied however, we can always negotiate the terms of your contract’s closing. (Present a warranty of sorts that is specific.)

What contracts and agreements do you sign?

We sign NDAs before initial discussions, and final contracts are drawn out in detail. We are bound by the legal framework of the province of Misamis Oriental and the Philippines overall.