Social Media Marketing

RedLemon Digital Media can help your business tap into the social media landscape, enabling you to capitalize on a far greater market that is the social media community. Through the social media vehicle, we can help raise brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and create a strong loyal following for your brand.

Why invest in social media marketing?

In today’s world of powerful computers, mobile devices, and high-speed Internet, the need for an effective and practical means of reaching customers has become an absolute necessity if your business is to remain competitive. And that effective and practical means is social media.

According to the data gathered by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the social media penetration in the Philippines is at 58% of the total population. That is higher than the global average of 37%. Moreover, as of January this year, social media users in the Philippines grew by 25% compared to January 2016. That is 4% higher than the global average.

In addition, the study also shows that Filipinos spend, on average, 4.17 hours per day on social media, outranking the rest of the world. With that info, you could say that the Philippines is the most social media-savvy country in the digital age.

Here are three (3) key reasons why you should invest in social media advertising:

Advanced Targeting

Social media advertising opens up many opportunities for businesses, when it comes to targeting audiences. Ads can be targeted according to user interest, online behavior, via lookalike targeting (reaching users with profiles similar to your target audience), and custom targeting (social media profiles that meet the specifics you provide). This ensures that the ads you place on social media platforms are always relevant to everyone who sees them.

Easy Conversion Tracking

Although proper implementation of organic social media marketing can be very effective, it’s not always easy to track the results. There’s no way of knowing for sure how much of your web traffic is coming from your social pages. The silver lining about social media advertising is that many of today’s social networks offer easy conversion tracking. All it takes is a snippet of code and you will be able to track conversions from your social media ads.

Brand Exposure

If you want to introduce people to your brand, pique their interest, or get them to visit your website, there’s really no better way to do it than through social media.

Is your business visible online?

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